Get to know mike!

Sport: NFL Football

Book: America's Final Beginning

Movie: Somewhere in Time

TV Show: The Last Ship

Song: Golden Slumbers

Food: Mexican

Color: Deep Red

Vacation: The Ol' West

Vehicle: Jeep, Jeep, Jeep!

President: Ronald Reagan

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Mike Hewitt

 - published novelist, speaker, business owner and syndicated radio show host -

Mike Hewitt has a lifetime history of political involvement and is well respected in the political arena. He is the former Chairman of Michigan’s 3rd Congressional Republican Committee and 2nd Congressional District Committee.  He was the founding member and has twice served as Chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus of Michigan and is a former Vice Chair of RLC National.  

Over the years Mike has taken on many leadership and volunteer roles promoting liberty across Michigan and America. He is a prolific writer and speaker; authoring a published novel, blogs and articles on current events, American history, and his true passion, the future of America for your children and his. 

With his wife, Kim, four beautiful daughters and nine grandchildren Mike declares, "what a blessing life is!"