Election Talk, John Job on Convention

Chaos and then The Enigma Report

Brigadier General Ernie Audino 

Russ Gable of Freewater Experience

Former MI State Senator Wayne Kuipers

Jim Riley & Kolleen Wall

Dr. Danielle & Kyle Koestner

Jim Riley & Gena Rinckey

Jim Riley & More

Brigadier General Ernie Audino (Ret.)

Mike's State of Union

Paul Mitchell - Faith & Freedom Coalition of Michigan Chairman

A few of the Shows from our Youtube collection

Jim Riley and Mike discussing the show's new direction - taking calls -and more!   

RNC Chair, Dave Agema

General Audino (retired)

Congressman Bill Huizenga

Dr. Abbas

Mi Senate Majority Leader, Senator Arlan Meekhof

Author Trevor Loudon

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