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Mike is a conservative with a strong Jeffersonian flavor and a wry sense of humor. No topic is off limits, but always with respect.  Let the facts stand on their own - let guests and callers state their opinions - all is open to the good judgement of our listeners.

"My audience loves liberty and self-determination!" 

Mike's Truisms of Life 

Honest, Informed, Direct and More than A Little Political

the mike hewitt show

  1. Good luck is the accumulation of good judgement and hard work.
  2. Bad luck? You get the idea ...  
  3. Get up ... dust off and get going
  4. Unsure? Slow to navigation speed
  5. Only gift trust to the  trusting
  6. Think. Please think first ...
  7. Automatic Doors have changed our culture
  8. Universal Justice punishes or rewards;  you decide which by your actions
  9. Our history tells the story of our future 
  10. Trading Our Republic for a Democracy would be America's worst trade
  11. Be reasonable
  12. Not teaching our young cursive is as destructive as not teaching them long math or history.


As the father of 4 beautiful  daughters and nine grandchildren, Mike  understands what's important in life! 

Like you, Mike has had his share of life's challenges. He chose to embrace them, defeat them and make  them  life lessons.  His experience,   knowledge  and desire to listen and help might be just what you need! 

Real Life

Mike understands that sometimes  life presents obstacles for each of us. He's certainly had his share.

Perseverance isn't enough! Yes, let's stand tall, be steadfast, but learn from life's bumps and be stronger for them.

Just getting by isn't acceptable!    

Don't believe or agree with him? Call  or write!  


The Mike Hewitt Show first hit the airwaves in 2012. The show has grown and changed since then, but the one constant is Mike's dedication to providing information most media outlets refuse to cover. He maintains a refreshingly old fashioned attitude about family, business, work and politics. 

Mike Hewitt has invested a lifetime  in political  grassroots volunteerism; in a state level candidacy , political consulting, pundit., published novelist and author of literally hundreds of  op-eds and blogs over the years.

He's interviewed political leaders, business owners and authors from across our state and country!  Got a political  question - Ask Mike!
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